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Hi everyone! I'm Andrew, aka gunnarolla.

For the past 6 years, I've created a wide variety of content on YouTube: from daily vlogs to hotel reviews; gear hauls to short films. I've also produced a ton of music , which has been the most fulfilling (and successful) creative challenge.

I've created tunes based on viewer comments (see: The Foreign Language Song, Sense No Make English), I've made music based on items you've sent in (see: Stick It In Banana) and I've even declared my love for a certain font through song (see: The Comic Sans Song). I've produced an album of 22 songs in 5 months (see #22songs), and I've also used this medium to deal with some of my biggest frustrations... about this medium (see: Good YouTuber). And now, I'm working on fusing together a k-pop sound with English lyrics in a project known as A-POP.

I want to keep challenging myself, but I've faced a lot of issues with the nature of the YouTube platform, and with delivering content consistently because of other necessary jobs that get in the way.

Whether you've been watching for 5 years or 5 minutes, you know what quality you can expect from me. I like to challenge myself, I like to create the best content that I can, and I like to make things that involve you, where possible. I want to concentrate on this, and I want time to make more music. With your help, I'd like to produce more of the stuff that you love, more often.

Subscribing to gunnarolla through Subbable will guarantee that you never miss a video due to YouTube's issues. You'll also have access to some exclusive content and downloads. Your monthly contributions will be banked, and you can, at any time, claim any one of the perks listed to the right, currently available only on Subbable.

Most importantly, you'll be supporting me. Thank you!