Frequently Asked Questions

Who started this website?

Subbable was cofounded by brothers John Green and Hank Green. For the purposes of this FAQ, “I” is John Green.

What does “Subbable” mean?

“Subbable” is a word we invented to describe something worth subscribing to!

Do I have to pay to subscribe?

It’s always about money with you, isn’t it? No, you don’t have to pay to subscribe. You can subscribe for free, and many creators have perks that go out to all subscribers, even those who don’t pay (including, for instance, links to live shows and bonus videos). One of the founding principles of Subbable is that we want to connect creators directly with their audiences without having Certain Web Site’s Strange Algorithms decide who does and does not see their subscriptions.

Can I choose how much I pay to subscribe?

Yes! You can pay as little as $0 per month or as much as $5,000 per month. The average paid Subbable subscriber pays around $5 per month. You cannot subscribe for less than zero dollars…though that would be a neat trick, if you got us to pay you.

Is there a benefit to paying to subscribe?

Yes. Most importantly, you’re making the content you love possible, and making it free to people who can’t afford to see it. Hank and I are fond of the Impoverished Teenager Thought Experiment: Imagine a teenager living in poverty. This young person probably can’t afford to support Minute Physics, but perhaps through Minute Physics, she’ll learn a lot and be inspired to learn a lot more, and then maybe she will make a major discovery that improves all of our lives, a discovery that never would’ve been made if you didn’t pay to support Minute Physics lo those many years ago in the dark days when we didn’t have robot eyes (or whatever). Also, the money you spend to support creators you like will go into your perk bank, so that’s something.

What the hell is a perk bank?

First off, that attitude’s a bit aggressive for a FAQ. We’re all friends here, buddy. Subbable is built on the idea of monthly support: This allows creators to budget resources and plan ahead, and unlike other crowdfunding models, allows for ongoing support for long-term projects. Every month, the amount you’ve subscribed at is banked into your perk bank. Subscribe at $5 a month for 10 months, and you can redeem a $50 perk for free.

Why do I have to have a Google account?

We realize this is inconvenient for some but this was the quickest way to get the site up and running. When we are out of Beta we plan to investigate other options for logging into the site.

Why do you use Amazon for payments?

When making a decision about which payment processor to use, we decided to go with the most Creator-friendly provider that would take the smallest cut of each transaction, and that is Amazon. Rest assured that more of your dollars are going to your favorite Creators and less to the credit card companies. We understand that Amazon isn’t the most convenient option for some, so we plan to investigate alternatives when we move out of Beta phase.

Why do I get charged currency conversion fees if I am outside of the US?

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about those fees. That is a fee charged by your bank. For this very reason we built the “one time payments” feature so that a smaller margin of your overall subscription cost would be subject to conversion fees. Post-Beta we may explore other payment options that are more international friendly.

Can I transfer money in my perk bank from one creator to another?

No. The money you’ve spent to subscribe to one creator has already gone to that creator, so it’s impossible to transfer it to a different creator. Each Subbable page is its own separate campaign.

Can I get a refund on money that’s in my perk bank if I haven’t ordered a perk yet?

Alas, no. Many people never redeem perks because they want to contribute to a creator’s projects but don’t feel the need for perks. Money contributed to a Subbable campaign may be spent by creators immediately, and so refunds aren’t possible.

When will my credit card be charged?

Immediately for the first month, and then at (approximately) the same time each month thereafter, unless and until you cancel your subscription.

I can’t afford loo roll this month. Can I pause/cancel my subscription?

Are you British, Question Asker? What the heck is loo roll? I don’t know if that’s a bathroom thing or some kind of weird tax, but anyway, yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time and resubscribe at any other time, it’s very easy, just go to your subscription management page.

How do I unsubscribe?

To manage your subscriptions, simply hover over your avatar and click on “My Subscriptions”. From there you can change your subscription amounts, or totally unsubscribe.

Can I just pay for a perk immediately?

Yes, it’s easy to make one-time payments through Subbable and redeem perks immediately.

How long do perks take to get fulfilled?

It depends on the perk and the creator. Anticipated delivery dates appear beneath each perk.

How will my perks be redeemed/what if I experience a problem with perk fulfillment?

Perks are redeemed by creators, so you’ll need to contact them. Every creator has contact information available on their Subbable campaign page. Subbable will also see these inquiries, so if we notice a pattern of problems we can take action against the creator in question. But to be clear, the creator you’re paying is ultimately responsible for delivering physical and virtual perks. (If that sounds like it was written by a lawyer: It was.)

Is there a limit to how much money I can pay a creator?

Yes, $10,000 a year.

But I am super-rich and wish to give more.

Well aren’t you just Mrs. Fancypants. We’re sorry, but payments are capped at $10,000 a year for legal reasons, and also because that is frankly a lot of money.

How many projects can one Creator host on Subbable?

Five. So if Henry Reich wants to expand upon MinutePhysics and MinuteEarth to bring you MinuteCooking, MinuteLiverpoolHighlights and MinuteGeography, that’s fine. But no more!

Is there a limit to how much a creator can receive in Subbable payments per year?

Yes, five million dollars. This will of course prevent some very expensive projects from using Subbable (sadly, we can’t use Subbable to fund reddit, for instance), but it allows us to host a broad variety of projects that need a vast array of funding levels, from a few hundred dollars a month to a few hundred thousand dollars per month.

When does my money go to the creator I’m supporting?

Immediately. Subbable never actually handles the money; it is paid directly by you to the creator.

How are you getting rich off Subbable?

We aren’t. Subbable takes 5% of revenue to pay for overhead and server costs (AND OUR PRIVATE JETS) and Amazon takes 5%ish to process payments (and pay for their actual private jets). The rest goes to the creator.

I have a customer service problem. WHO SHOULD I YELL AT?

Again, if you experience problems with a perk, you will need to contact the Creator directly via their campaign page. For non-perk problems, email and someone will, get this, help you. (Also, if you think some laws are being broken by a Creator, you should probably notify us there).

I want to fund my channel or podcast or online comic or fanfiction series or other thing through Subbable?

Kids these days, thinking they can put a ? on the end of a declarative sentence and make it a question. But right, yes. Subbable is growing very slowly because reasons, but we are welcoming applications from creators who think their content would be a good fit for Subbable. Promise not to get mad at us if you are not approved immediately. Thanks.

How do I apply to have a Subbable campaign?

You can apply here, but be aware that we have minimum requirements that Creators must meet before being onboarded.

I am a journalist who would like to write about Subbable, or I have a question not answered by this FAQ, or something else.

You can contact us at

Thanks, and as we say in our hometown: Don’t forget to be awesome.